UNUSUAL TIP #02: The real truth of leadership resides within the story of the journey.

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We all love the superhero stories of great leaders and innovators. And there’s no question that the media likes to sensationalize these stories. I too have fallen prey at times to these inspiring feel good stories, well, mostly because it fuels my hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, this presents a distorted…

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Leadership Requires the Ability to See What Others Do Not

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Most will agree that being an effective leader and innovator requires a unique ability to anticipate trends and marketplace shifts.  However, what most don’t believe is that this trait is one that is learned over time through diligent practice and systematic execution of curating ideas into thematic patterns. For years, this practice…

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Want to Innovate? Learn How to EDIT.

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If your industry events and meetings have any resemblance to mine, you have probably painfully witnessed the complicated messages with charts, matrices, diagrams, and bullet points attempting to explain broken industries and the novel innovations intricately mapped out to solve our greatest challenges. We need to stop this now! NOTE: To highlight my point, I will…

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