A Call-to-Action Rant: Perspectives from a Doctor & Innovator on Patient-Centered Care

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I’ll make this brief. I need to get something off my chest. As both a doctor and business innovator, I’m often offended when I see the social stratosphere circulating with comments about how “health was never designed with the patient at the center”. This is extremely misleading and inaccurate. Lets…

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Want to Innovate? Learn How to EDIT.

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If your industry events and meetings have any resemblance to mine, you have probably painfully witnessed the complicated messages with charts, matrices, diagrams, and bullet points attempting to explain broken industries and the novel innovations intricately mapped out to solve our greatest challenges. We need to stop this now! NOTE: To highlight my point, I will…

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Why ‘best practice’ is oftentimes the ‘worst practice’ for transformational innovation

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In your day-to-day, how many times has someone referenced the need to seek ‘best practices’ to drive strategic innovation? In my circle of innovators, I hear it more often than not, but am afraid that we toss around this phrase as if it’s assumed scripture without any consideration for how ‘best…

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