Ep009: Dave Chase on Creating a Movement to End the Big Heist in Healthcare

By November 22, 2016Podcast

On this episode, Dr.G is joined by Dave Chase – a serial entrepreneur turned film producer. He is a highly sought after author, speaker, and investor who has been named one of the most influential people in Digital Health.  Dave is a leading voice for positive change in healthcare, having sold his prior company Avado to WebMD, and now founding the Health Rosetta to help certify quality standards across the industry.  His views, passions, and ideas are now culminating in his latest film project, The Big Heist, a satirical, follow the money film on the destruction from healthcare’s status quo and the coming redemption. More than a movie, it is a movement designed to effect change from the bottom up. On this week’s show, we discuss  shocking stats that are harming our health, why a movement is imperative to transform a highly resistant industry, how taking a satirical approach helps surfaces controversial issues. All this and more on today’s episode. Now, That’s Unusual.

About Dave Chase

Dave Chase is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and film producer. He is the co-founder of Health Rosetta, an education and certification entity similar to Fair Trade for healthcare. As part of that venture, he is producing The Big Heist, a satirical film concerning the destruction caused by healthcare’s status quo. In 2015, Chase was named one of the most influential people in Digital Health. He co-authored Engage! Transforming Health Care Through Digital Patient Engagement, which was selected as 2013 book of the year by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.

Chase was the CEO and co-founder of Avado, a Patient Relationship Management solution allowing clinicians and patients to securely communicate, tract and manage health information, as well as the senior vice president and co-founder of connectivity services at WebMD. He is frequent contributor to prestigious publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. Chase offers a unique perspective in that while he recognizes healthcare’s under-performance, he has also identified a growing cadre of high-performing organizations that have solved healthcare’s toughest challenges.

Key Interview Takeaways

America’s big movements are often catalyzed by media and film. The Civil Rights Movement was fueled in large part by the morning paper and evening news. Chase sees a need for a similar vehicle when it comes to healthcare, and his current film project, The Big Heist, seeks to fill that gap.

There is a remarkable contrast between the magnitude of the damage being done by our healthcare system and the fact that the structural fixes have been invented, proven and scaled – yet remain the exception to the rule. The Health Rosetta Institute is working to educate the general population about these solutions as well as hold organizations accountable (and make heroes out of early adopters) through a certification entity like LEED and Fair Trade.

“The best way to protect the status quo of anything is to politicize it.” Chase argues that both parties can find common ground and initiate real change in the healthcare system, but only once we appreciate the fact that affordable solutions are available. People won’t be afraid of a universal requirement (be it a single-payer or private system) if they can be assured that it won’t lead to the further bankrupting of our country.

If you want to initiate change, it is necessary to propagate information in an entertaining, engaging way. Chase hopes the wickedly funny approach taken by The Big Heist will catch people’s attention and wake them up to what’s really going on in our healthcare system.

Put yourself out there and people who want to help will come to you via surprising connections. Chase presented his original idea for the film in a blog post and “arm-raisers with an aligned view of the world” approached him as potential collaborators.

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