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UIDC Highlights

When Sunday, September 27th, 2015 came around, I had no idea what to expect.

After 9 months of planning for our inaugural event series, UNUSUAL INTERSECTIONS, the day came and went…but the vibe, connections, friendships, hugs, and collaborations will forever live on! As described by one attendee, “it was an unusual blend that captured the essence of TED meets The Moth meets Aspen Ideas Festival meets Burning Man.”

My vision of bringing together the world’s most interesting people in a room together to feast, converse, and collaborate on ideas that span across industries to solve common problems was not only realized, but exceeded every expectation I had set. Unlike other events I have attended, there was some unexplained magic in the room that made this event live on in the minds and hearts of those who attended for the weeks to follow.

We had representation from every industry imaginable and heard one-of-a-kind, authentic, untold stories of intersections from the most inspiring speakers including: Esther Dyson, Dr. Jordan Shlain, Rohit Bhargava, Dr. Alex Jadad, Daniel Walker, Dr. Margaret Cary, Brian Roeder, Larry Kopald, Roberta Baskin, and Mark Brand. (NOTE: speaker videos to come soon….so be sure to LIKE our Facebook page or sign up for my blog to receive real-time updates.)

The support from our sponsors and partners was unprecedented, and included: Genentech, Brand Live, The Loft at 600F, Skipper Films, Barrel Oak Winery, TEDxMidAtlantic, ILO Institute, Brooks Kraft Photography, Cakelove, IdeaPress, Jocelyn Oldham, Heirloom Catering, Chaia DC, Red Apron Butcher, Blue Jacket Brewery, and Gallery Felix. WOW!!!

The stories of collaboration across organizations and industries are unfolding in real-time, and I look forward to sharing some success highlights in the near future.

For now, for those who were unable to attend the inaugural event or have interest in attending future events, please take a look at the amazing photography captured at the event.


>> Click Here for photos captured by Brooks Kraft <<

>> Click Here for photos captured by Skipper Films <<

>> Click Here to view the Unusual Suspect Mug Shot photos <<

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Coming out of this event, I have been inundated with requests to host another UNUSUAL INTERSECTIONS (most likely west coast) and offer private, intersection-themed corporate workshops to solve our most pressing business challenges. After pouring through all of the feedback, I am in the midst of formulating a plan to grow Unusual in 2016. Stay tuned!


If you are interested sponsoring a future Unusual Intersections event, are interested in partnering, or want to explore an intersection-themed corporate workshop, please reach out to me directly: drgautamgulati (at) gmail (dot) com. 

UIDC Collage

“When I think of Gautam, I imagine a burst of creative energy and synergy. His mind is eclectic and wise. His heart is generous and inclusive. Gautam curates inspiring conversations like a Master Chef creates a magnificent feast. It’s in his DNA to generate collaboration. I’m grateful to Gautam for dreaming up “Unusual Intersections.” What a gift to be part of such a magical experience!” – Roberta Baskin, (AIM2Flourish, Investigative Journalist)


Until next time, always #ThinkUnusual!


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