Introducing Academed: A Next Generation Learning Academy For Health Leaders, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs

Introducing Academed

Dear Loyal Followers,

As part of the next chapter in my life, I will be releasing a series of ventures and micro-ventures that have been lingering in my ‘Idea Box’.  As a gift to my loyal followers, I am giving you a sneak peek into my latest pre-launch called ACADEMED. I am proud of this pre-launch release and am excited to unravel what I believe will help transform an industry and accelerate the advancement of a re-imagined health system.

I invite you to read the pre-launch announcement below that provides some context to the back story for Academed.

I welcome all of you to get involved and participate in Academed. PLEASE SIGN UP HERE to stay updated and shoot me an email directly if you would like to get involved.

Together, we will thrive!



I’m pleased to finally introduce you to a next generation health academy called ACADEMED – focused on health leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Why is this needed? Let me share a brief back story.

For most of my career, I have lived at the intersection of health (as a doctor), education (as a professor), and technology (as an executive product innovator). I am deeply indebted to the academic institutions which provided me a foundation for a solid career—but I believe this foundation needs more to create the medical leaders of tomorrow.

I purposely veered off the beaten path as a clinician many years ago to help directly shape the future of the health industry through innovation. I believe I’ve reached many people. And while I continue to always strive higher, I can honestly say that much of my knowledge and learning has come from the interactions with real do’ers, and from the many professional experiences along the way.

We have a gap in our educational system.

The re-imagining and restructuring of health education has been overlooked for far too long. I’m not talking about the traditional science-based medical education driven by evidence and protocols—but rather a complementary health education that creates future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs that can adapt to an ever-evolving industry.

Many people prioritize their foci on creating innovations to address key market and people-focused needs. This will undoubtedly result in a massive change in the way health is delivered and consumed over the coming years.

Are you prepared? Will the medical professionals and leaders of the future be prepared in the current system? I’m afraid the answer is “No.”

So what’s next?

As we innovate, we need to educate folks on what that means in the larger context. To help transform an entire industry, we must empower all the key health stakeholders with information, networks, and opportunities to prepare them for the evolving future. More importantly, we must give everyone a chance to make his or her mark as we make history together.

After dozens of brainstorms and discussions with traditional academic executives over the years, I believe the most effective way to achieve this goal is to set up an independent entity that can adapt with the changing environments and fill the educational void left by traditional institutions.  Hence, I introduce you to Academed (coming soon in 2015).

Let me be clear. This is NOT an incubator or accelerator, but rather a higher learning institution designed to prepare our next generation of health leaders and creators.

Why now? Quite simply, the stars are aligned.

  • Technology is rapidly changing care delivery
  • Medical professionals are increasingly unprepared for what lies ahead
  • Innovation is accelerating at an exponential pace
  • Investments in health innovation are increasing at an astounding rate
  • Academic medical institutions are bound by red tape and their culture, and often see change as threatening
  • Advances in educational technologies are becoming easier to access
  • Health reform is in constant flux and has garnered the attention of the world leaders
  • Increasing interest to learn more from those on the front lines of change
  • and much, much more.

Together, we can do today what was only a glimpse of a dream just a few short years ago.

Please join us in our vision to re-think what it means to lead, innovate, and create in health care so we can collectively learn from each other to re-imagine the future of health care.

REQUEST AN INVITE HERE and stay updated on our progress.

Academed is coming soon in 2015.

With audacity,

Dr. Gautam Gulati

Founder, Academed

Want to help out or think you can add value as part of the team? Send me an email at and tell me your story. Also,don’t forget to request an invite here so that you can stay up to date on our progress.

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