Leadership Requires the Ability to See What Others Do Not

Most will agree that being an effective leader and innovator requires a unique ability to anticipate trends and marketplace shifts.  However, what most don’t believe is that this trait is one that is learned over time through diligent practice and systematic execution of curating ideas into thematic patterns.

For years, this practice of curation and trend prediction has been kept secret by the experts. But now, Rohit Bhargava, an accomplished author, speaker, and professor unveils his secrets with the world in his new WSJ & Amazon bestseller book called Non-Obvious: How to Think Different, Curate Ideas, and Predict the Future.

Non-Obvious Book

I was lucky to be able to pick up a pre-release copy of the book, and have nothing but positive things to say. Rohit is someone who sees ideas and patterns that most others do not. Whether you are a marketer, corporate executive, product innovator, strategist, or anyone with a beating heart for that matter, this book will guarantee to make you a more effective professional and the center of the water cooler conversation.

For your reference, below is my formal review of the book posted on Amazon:

Rohit has nailed it once again! This book will exercise your brain in twisted ways like never before.

Rohit has nailed it once again. After reading his non-obvious reports, what I have come to learn is “I don’t know what I don’t know”. Just when I thought I had a grasp on the key market trends, Rohit has shown me time and again that there is more than meets the eye. Not only is every one of his trends eye-opening, but his ideas will exercise your brain in twisted ways like never before. And for the first time, he reveals his secrets to uncovering the process behind curating non-obvious ideas. His style is casual, conversational, and humorous, making this book an easy and engaging read. . I highly recommend it!

BUY YOUR COPY HERE, and submit your review. I’d like to hear what you think of it!

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