Some Quick “Thank You” Notes

Thank you (1000x300)

Thanksgiving time stirs up all sorts of feelings, memories and sentiments; but most of all it gives us the urge to say “thanks”.  In the spirit of one of my heroes, Jimmy Fallon, I’d like to take a few moments to give a few ‘thank you’ shout outs.

[scene] soft, creepy music playing the background

  • Thank you…my followers and clients, for acknowledging the little voice in my head that never ceases to stop rambling.
  • Thank you…twitter, facebook, and linkedin, for allowing me to check off ‘procrastination’ from my to-do list.
  • Thank you…my kiddos, for reminding me how little I know the older I get.
  • Thank you…my wife, for keeping me grounded while my crazy thoughts continue to soar.
  • Thank you…turkey, for taking one for the team each year.
  • Thank you…world, for being so discombobulated that it gives me a reason to exist.

What are you thankful for? Say your thanks in the comment box below.

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