Ep001: Christian Long on Design Learning

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In this very first episode, Dr. G is joined by Christian Long, a pioneer and advocate for re-imagining the role of education for our future generations. Having spent much of his life as an educator, Christian has now linked up with his architectural peers to re-design learning communities that are…

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Unusual Tip #04: The Dumb-ification of Specialized Experts

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I’ve been struggling with the answer to a simple question: “Can you reverse knowledge bias?” How we perceive people in society is largely dependent on a narrow perspective bias that associates one’s knowledge based on education and vocation. This is not surprising since it helps us better understand our functional…

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Personalized Health Care Equally Deserves Personalized Innovation

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This morning I had a revelation moment that briefly shifted my perspective on health innovation (in a minor but important way). Over the last few months, my 2-year-old daughter has been in and out of several providers’ offices battling numerous infections resultant of her recent entry into school…an inevitable rite of…

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Want to Innovate? Learn How to EDIT.

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If your industry events and meetings have any resemblance to mine, you have probably painfully witnessed the complicated messages with charts, matrices, diagrams, and bullet points attempting to explain broken industries and the novel innovations intricately mapped out to solve our greatest challenges. We need to stop this now! NOTE: To highlight my point, I will…

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