Unusual Tip #05: Rethink the Assumptions

As we get older and more rigid in our thinking, we have a tendency to take most things for granted.  We journey through life failing to question the basic assumptions that govern our being and how we operate.

Check out the below commercial by Cox Communications:

I love this commercial because it cleverly questions our obvious assumptions around what we expect the doctor’s office visit experience to be. At its core, it challenges the way we think about our health encounters and provides a fresh outlook to re-examine the problem with a slightly different perspective that challenges our status quo.

So here’s my unusual tip: As industries evolve, so too should the assumptions that govern our everyday practices. Rather than innovate around existing assumptions, we should take a step back, re-frame the question from a new perspective, and ask ourselves: “what if?”  By doing so, we will create value not by building products designed for today’s problems, but by reimagining new human-centered experiences designed to address how the world should operate without the constraints of our oft-overlooked assumptions. After all, some of the most innovative ideas arise by observing the obvious.

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