Unusual Tip: It’s not how fast you innovate. It’s how well you innovate fast.

As I’ve repeatedly re-enforced via my blog and keynotes, most great ideas oftentimes come from unexpected places.

Such is the case with this week’s post.  I came across a creative John Deere commercial that was not only amusing to me, but for some reason, struck an idea nerve.

Here’s the quick 30 second commercial: It’s not how fast you mow. It’s how well you mow fast. Give it a watch and then continue reading.

As an advisor to a number of innovation-focused executives, I frequently witness the trap of trying to ‘beat’ the markets through speed. In my experience, most organizations have no shortage of surfacing provocative ideas very rapidly. Where things start to fall apart is when they lack an executional strategy that allows them to effectively innovate fast compared to the competition.

Speed of innovation alone is a very myopic perspective to effective idea deployment. How fast you generate and vet new ideas is indeed important. However, what is even more important is how rapidly those innovative ideas get executed as a commercially viable product or service. As a reinterpretation of the John Deere commercial, “It’s not how fast you innovate. It’s how well you innovate fast.”…something many organizations fail to devote enough attention to. 

With continued experimentation, practice and intention, eventually organizations can achieve harmony where they not only innovate fast, but also innovate well.


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