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For many years, folks have been asking me to jot down my thoughts and ideas from my personal and professional experiences on innovation so that they can engage in the inner dialogue that lives in my head.

While I have contributed to various blogs, magazines, and events over the many years, I have never created a ‘dedicated space’ to share my thoughts and learn from others.  Well that’s all about to change as I start afresh (better late than never) with my newly focused blog called Think Unusual…and you are the first to be invited to join in on the discussion.

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Who am I? And why should you follow my blog?

I’ll be honest…I’m a bit of an unusual guy with an unusual story to tell who went off the beaten path many years ago. I grew up aspiring to be an architect, studied loooong years to become a doctor, and accidentally morphed into a creative innovator and change-maker evangelist. I’ve never been one to accept the status quo and have always challenged conformity.  I stopped living the expectations of others some years ago, and this has made all the difference in my success. While my ‘unusual-ness’ has gotten me into trouble along the way, it has opened up even more doors that I never before imagined. I now want to take you into my world and share some of my experiences along my life odyssey. So there you go…that’s who I am; but if you still want to see a more formal boring bio, check it out here.

What is the ‘Think Unusual’ Blog about?

Think Unusual is a wondrous reflection of learning from both my personal and professional journey as a physician outlier and innovator. While I’m a leader by mind, I am an artist at heart. Playing at this intersection has created a unique perspective into the world of innovation…especially within health & education – two focus areas that are near and dear to me.

Through the Think Unusual blog, I will share inspirational stories of everyday people who innovate like superheroes. You will learn the never-before-told secrets of the world’s most successful innovators that are drawn from the private conversations from within my personal and extended innovation circle.

I will also give you a first hand preview into some of my ideas that will be included in my upcoming book. You will have the chance to directly comment and challenge some of my thinking. Think of it as crowdsourced feedback where you will have the opportunity to directly contribute your input and ideas (and receive credit) before the book release for what I hope will become a bestseller :)

Who is the blog for?

Do you bleed ideas? Do you go to bed and wake up in the morning with ‘aha’ moments? Are you constantly seeking imaginative new ways to drive innovation within your organization? Are you looking to become a one-of-a-kind innovator that can transform industries and move mountains? Are you seeking inspirational ideas from unusual perspectives? Do you want to become a superhero?

Great! Me too. Then this blog is for you!

Building and leading successful companies has become increasingly challenging as the rate of market disruptions is outpacing our abilities to keep up.  The age of average is over, and it is no longer acceptable to conduct ‘business-as-usual’. Transformational innovation comes about from divergent and unusual perspectives from which we can draw inspiration.  That is what I hope you will take away from this blog.

Why should I sign up for weekly email updates?

From this blog, you will get:

  1. Tips and techniques of the worlds leading innovators
  2. Inspirational stories of transformational success and divergent thinking from everyday superheroes
  3. Actionable steps to help uncover the powers within yourself to innovate like a superhero

From this blog, you will not get:

  1. Spam
  2. Advertisements
  3. Bored

I personally invite you into my world, and I look forward to an intellectual discourse that sparks a sense of wonder, curiosity, and a little bit of unusual-ness.


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Discover the unknown. Dare to be unusual.

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