I curate and create unusual ideas, experiences, and perspectives to help leaders accelerate innovative thinking and reimagine new business opportunities.



Speaker. Author. Professor. Entrepreneur. Advisor. Investor.

Hi, I’m Gautam, aka Dr. G.  

With an unusual thirst for curiosity and wonder, I live at the intersection of a wide range of industries helping companies innovate in a world of uncertainty.

Simply put, I help leaders and organizations imagine their future selves, and then help them get there.

With over 20 years of experience, I have helped transform global organizations into innovative powerhouses from both the inside and out to help meet the future innovative demands of the health industry.  As a corporate leader, advisor, and speaker, I have worked with organizations of all sizes and stages – including LG, Marriott International, Genentech, Physicians Interactive, Klick Health, and American Express – to name a few. I’ve delivered over 200 inspirational and actionable keynotes for both private and public events on some of the worlds most prominent stages – including TEDxMidAtlantic, Exponential Medicine, HxRefactored, Health 2.0, SxSW, Texas Health Resources, ReVive, CIO Synergy, Johns Hopkins, and many more – to a diverse audience looking to effect change through transformational thinking and innovation.

My storytelling approach tends to be a bit ‘unusual’ as I draw upon personal and professional experiences from a diverse range of perspectives. I truly believe everyone has hidden super powers within them, that if nurtured properly, can help transform our leaders into innovative superheroes. In my whereabouts, I have been dubbed both a ‘health hooligan’ and ‘unusual suspect’ for my unique abilities to see what others do not.

I’m the founder of Unusual, Inc, a storytelling media expedition celebrating human ingenuity, diversity, and imagination.  I currently spend much of my time speaking, writing, and advising companies as an industry thought leader and innovator. My unusual perspectives encapsulate my creative characteristics allowing me to meld various vantage points as a renaissance doctor, executive, designer, professor, advisor, entrepreneur, speaker, and technology advocate.

Most recently I was the Chief Medical Officer and Head of Product Innovation for Physicians Interactive Holdings, where I led a world-class team to ideate, design, build, and deploy disruptive solutions for a health audience. In addition to my executive roles, I serve as an Adjunct Professor of “Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship” at Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School and Duke Corporate Education, and sit on numerous company boards as an investor and advisor.

Using the world as my stage and followers as my amplified voice, I always asks the uncomfortable questions and seek the unreasonable answers. With this focused sense of purpose, I have persevered against the odds and inspire a new level of curiosity to make the impossible, possible.

Oh, and I’m super friendly. So lets talk.



Dr. Gulati is a seasoned storyteller who leaves your audience inspired with a sense of wonder and curiosity. His keynotes draw upon his deep and meaningful experiences as a disruptive doctor sharing unusual perspectives on innovation and personal growth, as well as leading a life of inspired change. He has delivered over 200 keynotes, and has shared the stage with prominent figures including Peter Diamandis, Daniel Kraft, Esther Dyson, Mark Brand, Beth Comstock, John McAfee, Steve Forbes, Marc Randolph, Mick Ebeling, and many others.


Through his blogs, newsletters, articles, and books, Dr. Gulati shares practical advice for aspiring and seasoned innovators. He is currently working on an upcoming book titled The Unusual Truth – where he explores what it means to stand out in a world of averages to help organizations transform and thrive.


Dr. Gulati is an adjunct faculty member with three of the world’s most prestigious institutions: Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Duke Corporate Education, and Singularity University (Exponential Medicine track).  His lectures and workshops focus on “medical innovation and entrepreneurship” where he helps graduate professionals and executive leaders identify strategic opportunities, build innovative pipelines, and grow their respective businesses.


“Think Unusual” is the phrase that defines Dr. Gulati’s perspectives on both life and business. Dr. Gulati’s diverse vantage point on health & technology is what attracts innovation and entrepreneurial leaders from around the world to seek his unique advisory insights. He typically engages with 2-3 companies per year on a retainer basis only.


The universe of health & wellness innovations can be complex to understand and confusing to navigate. Sitting at the intersection of big multi-national companies and small innovative startups, Dr. Gulati is a well recognized connector who brings together people and deals that make financial and strategic sense. He leverages his diverse global networks combined with years of conducting M&A diligence to help broker key business relationships.


Dr. Gulati is the founder of Unusual Inc., – a next generation, storytelling media expedition celebrating human ingenuity, diversity, and imagination.  Through various publications and event experiences, he leverages the power of diverse perspectives to advance innovation for leaders across the world.


It has been Dr. G’s lifelong dream to host his own radio show. Well, now that dream has come true.  He is the host of a brand new podcast series called That’s UnusualIn his radio show podcast, Dr.G uncovers the unusual stories behind the world’s most interesting people. On the show, we celebrate what makes us different and how we convert those differences into unexpected opportunities. Yu can check it out by subscribing to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.


My Life Purpose

Pursue What You Love And You Will Love What You Do. The Rest Will Play Itself Out.

I am an intellectual adventurer who let’s my mind travel freely to explore new ideas and thoughts in unchartered territories. I pursue what excites me, what makes my spine quiver, and what makes my mind bend in new ways. I seek others with the same passion for curiosity and explore ways in which we, together, can make meaningful impact in this world. I chase interesting ideas, people, companies. I believe that if I surround myself with curious, fearless, and passionate people, we can do great things…

And that is what I am set out to do…

Do great things and inspire others to do the same!

The Unusual Manifesto

The age of average is over. We believe the future belongs to those with grit. To those willing to step out of their shell and experience something different, something unusual. We believe the unusual inspires a sense of wonder and new perspectives. We believe that within the unusual, we will find extraordinary thinking powered by curious people. We believe in the power of these people to change the world. We are Unusual, Inc.

Unusual Facts About Gautam

Conversation starters…

  • I love listening to and telling stories; and and have shared over 200 of them in the form keynotes and talks. I first got ‘hooked’ on speaking when I was selected by my class to give the high school graduation speech. What a thrill! There’s much more to it, so ask away!
  • I prefer talking to people who are authentic and not afraid to ‘lay it out there’. I hate ‘fake’ people. So be real!
  • Growing up, I always wanted to be an ‘architect’. In retrospect, I attribute that to my inner desire to create amazing experiences for people. I felt artists truly captured the soul of human experiences.
  • I started playing the drums at age 10, then picked up the congas and bongos in college under the mentorship of the lead conga player for Miami Sound Machine (remember them?).
  • My biggest fear and desire combined is to write a book. I’m actively addressing that now with my upcoming book, The Unusual Truth.
  • I’ve had many nicknames throughout my life. Some include Dr. G, Batman, G-money, Pampers, Gollum, Got, Gaut, Chewbacca, G-unit, Gianni, Gotham City, and many more. Curious about the back stories behind them? Just ask me.
  • I’m an adventure junkie and love the outdoors. I’ve climbed four 14,oooft mountains out west, and have white water rafted in some of the most dangerous rapids in the country.  While things have certainly slowed down with kids (read as being a responsible parent), I jump on any opportunity to experience a new adventure.
  • I am also a music junkie – all genres – but especially Dave Matthews Band.  Back in my yester-years, I actually used to DJ and throw massive parties. In the process, I learned to spin vinyl in dance clubs, mostly house and hip-hop.  Still have my heavy crates of 12 inch records. Probably a collectible these days.

Now tell me about you!

My Pet Peeves

One of my pet peeves is when I first meet someone and they introduce themselves by what they do. Please don’t do that! I guarantee your are an interesting person with a real personality.  Tell me stories about your beliefs, desires, passions, fears, or just some interesting random facts about you – not what you do! I’d like to know who you are – the DNA that fuels your passions, what gets you up in the morning, and what.you believe is your life purpose.  I will like you much better for doing that and you will be better remembered!




BOOM is right! Over 1 billion served. Just kidding, but you get the point. I greatly admire and respect my incredible clients who have placed their trust in me over the years. I have a very clear, no asshole rule, and choose to only engage with those who share my core values and are passionate about their work. Life is too short and precious to not make our work together meaningful.  Don’t you agree? This not only makes it fun, but builds the necessary trust for us to effectively get things done.  Perhaps that is why 100% of my business has been built off of direct referrals and repeat customers.  Just saying! You complete me…